10 Sure Signs You’re from Central Pennsylvania

When somebody hails from Central Pennsylvania, it’s usually obvious. Here are the top 10 tell-tale signs.

1. You had the Monday after Thanksgiving off from school for the first day of hunting season.

Grab your Remington or your Bergara, and ditch the pencils and the books. It’s huntin’ season. Let’s go!

2. Your area code is either 570, 814, or 717.

570 includes Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, East Stroudsburg, etc. 814 includes Altoona, Bradford, Oil City, etc. 717 includes Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, etc. But you already knew all of that; we don’t need to tell you.

3. You drive a pickup truck and/or spend time in a cabin.

Who needs a Mercedes or a beach house when you could have a Ram 1500 and a lil’ shack in the woods?

4. When somebody asks you where you’re from, you already know that they’ve never heard of it.

There’s a reason for the ol’ saying, “Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Arkansas in the middle.” Check out some of these insanely small towns in Central PA. Nobody has ever heard of them...

  • Baileyville: population = 201
  • Albrightsville: population = 202
  • Addison: population = 205
  • Stillwater: population = 210

5. However, when you meet somebody else who’s from Central Pennsylvania, you get overly excited. 

There’s just something beautiful that happens when two people from Newton Hamilton (population: 205) run into each other out in the “real world” (a.k.a., not in Mifflin County, Central PA). You’ll probably freak out.

6. You know somebody who rented land to the natural gas industry and made a small fortune.

While not everybody becomes as wealthy as oil/gas barons like Harold Hamm (net worth: $9 billion) and George Kaiser (net worth: $8 billion), there’s certainly a pretty penny to be made. You already knew this.

7. You didn’t meet anybody who isn’t a WASP until you left for college.

Black? Asian? Latino? Jewish? Muslim? Catholic? What do these words even mean? Chances are, if you’re from Central Pennsylvania, you were only exposed to White Anglo-Saxon Protestants as a kid.

8. There are people in your town who think they’re from the South, re: Confederate flags.

It’s a good thing that you’ve finally got some more diversity in your life. But try telling that to the self-proclaimed “hicks” who ride around with a Confederate flag on the back of their trucks. What a shame.

9. Hershey’s chocolate is the only chocolate that matters. ‘Nuff said.

10. Penn State football is the only college football team that matters. ‘Nuff said.

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